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AFM American Film & Machinery shrink sleeve labeling headquarters

American Film & Machinery (AFM)

American Film & Machinery (AFM) headquartered in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota – is a single source supplier of all of your Shrink Sleeve Labeling needs.

We successfully introduced the first generation of rotary shrink sleeve labelers over 57 years ago. Since then through our commitment to a high level of expenditure on research and development; constant innovation; implementation of the latest technology; and the wealth of knowledge and experience of our highly qualified and motivated workforce we have evolved far beyond our original role as a manufacturer of specialty machinery. Today AFM is a dynamic partner for our customers creating a harmonious marriage of shrink sleeve labelers, heat shrink tunnels, full body labels, tamper evident seals and contract labeling and packaging services.

Shrink Sleeve Labelers

We design, engineer and manufacture heavy duty, servo driven, microprocessor controlled, mandrel type labeling machines for Shrink Labeling, Tamper Evident Packaging and Neck Banding applications. From our entry level LX-100 to our LX-450 – which are currently and successfully running 600 cpm 24/7 – AFM machines provide ease of installation and start-up and consistent, accurate and reliable operation all at an affordable price.

Steam, Electric and Infrared Shrink Tunnels

With multiple zones and multiple adjustable manifolds the WSN-300 Steam Heat Tunnel directs heat precisely where needed and is the preferred shrink tunnel for the most difficult shrink labeling operations. Two independent VFD air flow controls of the ES-200 Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel allow the airflow in each of the two zones to be regulated separately, while the OAL Classic uses a radiant heat source and a highly efficient dual recirculating blower design to provide high quality shrink finish. Steam or electric – AFM offers extremely versatile shrink tunnels that provide optimal shrink control and deliver high quality finish appearance of PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA labels and neck bands regardless of the containers shape, size or material.

Labels and Tamper Evident Seals

NEW e3 Shrink Labels are Engineered utilizing the latest most sophisticated – and Environmentally considerate – PVC, PET and OPS materials to provide Economical shrink label solutions to manufacturers, co-packers, distributors, bottlers and fillers. Along with our very successful tamper evident tubing, our new shrink labels provide users with all their shrink label needs and our AFM machine users with a one stop machine / label supplier.

Contract Labeling and Packaging Services

Provides a one-source shrink sleeve labeling and packaging service. Modern shrink label machinery; the capability to use steam and/or electric shrink tunnels and full time quality control ensures high quality production while saving our customers both time and money.

Parts and Service

Highly trained service technicians are available world-wide to provide installation and start up services and assistance; while our knowledgeable and accessible customer support team ensures that any needed parts are correctly ordered and quickly shipped. This team also can provide coordination of any field service requests and respond to any questions, concerns or suggestions our clients may have..